Rachel Duncan

Rachel wins!

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Round 1

rock vs scissors
Rachel succeeded in round 1 with rock versus scissors.

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Round 2 conquered by Rachel up against paper.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Round 3 conquered by Rachel using an effective scissors. Duncan has problems now.

Round 4

rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? Seriously?.
scissors vs paper
Rachel tried scissors and that destroys paper! Rachel is expanding their advantage!

Round 5

paper vs scissors
Paper destroys scissors! No wait! Scissors beats paper!

Round 6

rock vs rock
Why? Don't keep trying rock!
scissors vs scissors
You people are always throwing scissors!
scissors vs paper
Duncan flopped with paper vs scissors.

Good match. Rachel has won it 5 - 1!

Game ended July 10th 2024 at 13:20 UTC