Rock Paper Scissors is an exciting hand game played between two individuals wherein players will be simultaneously forming one of the three shapes with outstretched hand. These three shapes include the rock for simple fist, paper for flat hand and scissor for fists with middle and index finger extended to form V-shape. It has two possible playing outcomes other than players tie: one of the players would win and the other one would lose.

Rock Paper Scissors is also commonly played as an effective choosing method which is the same as drawing straws, coin flipping, or even throwing device. Unlike random selection strategies, this Rock Paper Scissors game can also be played into a certain degree by exploiting and recognizing non-random type of behavior in the opponents.

Game Play

The player of this Rock Paper Scissors needs to count from one to three loud. They can also speak the complete name of the game each time raising one of their hands in the fist and then swing it downward or hold it behind. Then they throw their hands by extending it to their opponent.

Variations of this game include those versions wherein players are using the three counts before they are going to throw their gestures. They can also make use of a version wherein they are shaking their hands before throwing it towards their opponents.


The first recognize and mentioned Rock Paper Scissors was dated during the Ming Dynasty in Chinese in the book written by Xie Zhaozhi. In this book, the name of the game was known to be called as the “Shoushiling”. Note of Liuyanzhai also mentioned this type of game of the same name.

All throughout the history of Japanese highlights frequent references to the sansulumi-ken meaning fist game wherein three players are afraid of each other. This kind of game was originated in China before it was imported to Japan and become more and more popular to huge numbers of Japanese.

The earliest game of the Japanese was known to be called as the mushi-ken. In this type of game, the frog which is represented by the players thumb is outmoded by slug represented by the players little finger which is also superseded by snake represented by the player’s index finger. Despite of the fact that this kind of game was only imported from the China, the version of the Japanese is considered to be different.

During the 20th century, Rock Paper Scissors spread to Asian countries particularly due to the enhance contact of the Japanese to the western people. It is an English language type of game name taken from the translation of the three Japanese hands name – gestures for the scissors, paper and rock. Shape of the scissor during this game is also adopted from the style of the Japanese.

Play Rock Paper Scissors

So, if you are one of those people who feel bored, then why not invite your friend to play this Rock Paper Scissors today! This is an amazing and fun game that you would love to play again and again. The popularity of this game is only an indication that it is a must have to play game so spend time playing this game now!

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