This Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock is considered to be an exciting game of chance that continuously expands from different parts of the world. This game was first used in settling dispute on matters on what to watch on the television in the tv show Big Bang Theory between Raj and Sheldon in Lizard Spock Expansions. This game was even mentioned in Rothman Disintegration wherein Sheldon explained the game rules to Barry Kripke and Penny.


This Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock game was created originally by Sam Kass together with Karen Bryla. In accordance to the origination of this game based from the interview with Kass, series of producers didn’t originally ask for some permission to make use of this exciting and fun game but Kass was the person officially and immediately referenced to be the creator of this game by Sheldon during the Rothman Disintegration.

Rule of the Game

The same as the rock paper scissor game, this Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock also puts emphasis to some of the best rules on how you’re going to make play this game. The rules in this game are very simple and easy for you to follow hence you’re assured that you may never experience any difficulty at all.

To give you an idea on how you’re going to play this game, then here are the lists of some of the rules you need to consider before and while playing this Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock and these include the following:

  • Scissor can cut paper.
  • Paper can cover the rock.
  • Rock can crush the lizard.
  • Lizard can poison Spock.
  • Scissors can decapitate the lizard.
  • Lizard can eat the paper.
  • Spock can smash the scissors.
  • Paper can disapprove Spock.
  • The Spock can vaporize the rock.
  • Rock can crush the scissors.

If you’re aware of all these things before and during the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock game, you’re assured that you will never feel confuse in playing this game no matter what happened.

Play Today!

There are huge numbers of game that you can play each day when you feel bored and stressed. But, this Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock is considered to be one of the most exciting and fun game that you should always give a try. This is not only a kid’s game but this can even be played by adult ones as their fun time. This only manifest that this game is perfect for all.

This Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock also provides huge amount of fun and excitement that you may feel as the game starts. This is very essential especially to those who are already fond of computer games or any type of gadget games that might just affect not only their health but also their focus or concentration to do some other stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in need of the best type of game that can definitely give you more fun and excitement, then don’t miss the chance to spend time playing this Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock. You will never regret playing this game not only for the fun and excitement that it offers but more on the great relationship that this may form to every player who is going to compete with each other. This is a nice game to play so try playing this Rock-Paper-Scissors-Stone-Lizard-Spock now!

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