Ladder Info

Compete in our ladder system and see if you can take the #1 spot. You can earn points in two ways.Play in ladder matches by challenging players using the Play Game page. Here you can earn up to 100 points for a victory. If you have less then 2000 points then youcan earn 20 points by defeating your friends in a game. After 2000 points then only ladder matches counts towards your score.

If a game has been inactive for 24 hours then it will be stopped. The player who hasn't made a selectionin the active round will be declared the loser. If neither player have moved then the game ends in a draw.

If one of the players never made a selection in the game then it will count as a declined challenge and not give any points.

A ladder victory gives you:

50 points + (opponent score - your score) / 4
at most 100 points and at least 10 points

A ladder loss takes away:

25 points - (opponent score - your score) / 8
at most 50 points and at least 5 points

If you have 1000 points and your opponent has 1180 then you will receive 95 points for a win.Your opponent will loose 47.5 points.
If your opponent wins then you will lose 5 points and your opponent receive 10 points.