Paul wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs paper
Round 1 won by Laura versus paper!

Round 2

paper vs scissors
Paper rips apart scissors! Is that right? No! Scissors defeats paper.

Round 3

spock vs lizard
Paul has only gone and won round 3! Lizard takes down spock! Paul is now in front.

Round 4

paper vs rock
Paul chose rock however failed to beat paper!

Round 5

spock vs spock
Everybody keeps trying spock!
lizard vs lizard
Zzzzzz. Lizard? Once again.
rock vs rock
What's with the obsession with rock.
paper vs rock
Laura used paper and that trumps rock!

Round 6

spock vs paper
Round 6 went down the drain for Laura with a hopeless spock!

Round 7

scissors vs scissors
You people keep picking scissors!
spock vs rock
Round 7 belongs to Laura up against rock! Laura is ahead.

Round 8

rock vs spock
Paul has only gone and taken round 8! Spock beats rock.

Round 9

spock vs paper
Round 9 went wrong for Laura with a pointless spock! The tied game has been broken by Paul.


Game ended June 10th 2024 at 20:25 UTC