Franck wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Violette chose scissors however failed to beat rock!

Round 2

rock vs rock
What's with the obsession with rock.
paper vs scissors
Franck won with scissors and that beats paper! Franck is pulling away!

Round 3

scissors vs rock
Franck succeeded in round 3 with rock up against scissors! Violette is in big trouble here!

Round 4

paper vs rock
Round 4 conquered by Violette versus rock! Violette reduces the score to 1 - 3.

Round 5

paper vs paper
Violette and Franck both picked paper!
rock vs rock
Everyone continues using rock!
scissors vs paper
Violette won round 5 with scissors up against paper. Franck is giving up their advantage in this game.

Round 6

paper vs scissors
Paper wipes out scissors! Oh? scissors defeats paper. Franck adds to their lead!

Round 7

scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Once again!
rock vs paper
Rock rips apart paper! Wait? paper rips apart rock.

2 - 5. That's it. It's all over.

Game ended May 16th 2024 at 08:07 UTC