Achilles wins!

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Round 1

spock vs rock
Tortoise has done it! Spock beats rock!

Round 2

lizard vs lizard
Really? Stop choosing lizard.
rock vs scissors
Tortoise has only gone and won it! Rock takes down scissors! Achilles has problems .

Round 3

spock vs lizard
Tortoise missed with spock up against lizard! Achilles is getting back into the match!

Round 4

scissors vs paper
Achilles selected paper but failed to beat scissors.

Round 5

lizard vs spock
Tortoise tried lizard which defeats spock. Tortoise expands their advantage.

Round 6

paper vs scissors
Round 6 went wrong for Tortoise with an useless paper!

Round 7

spock vs lizard
Achilles tried lizard and that trumps spock. Achilles reduced the scoreline to 4 - 3!

Round 8

lizard vs rock
Achilles took round 8 with rock vs lizard!

Round 9

scissors vs scissors
What? Don't keep selecting scissors.
scissors vs spock
Round 9 went down the drain for Tortoise with an idiotic scissors! Achilles is currently in front.

4 - 5. That is it. It's done!

Game ended April 2nd 2024 at 20:45 UTC