Achilles wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs paper
Round 1 won by Tortoise against paper. Achilles has put themselves behind!

Round 2

rock vs paper
Achilles coasted through round 2 with paper vs rock!

Round 3

paper vs scissors
Achilles won round 3 with scissors against paper! It's no longer all square.

Round 4

scissors vs rock
Round 4 conquered by Achilles using a well played rock!

Round 5

paper vs paper
What's with all the paper.
scissors vs paper
Round 5 belongs to Tortoise with an effective scissors! Tortoise reduces the scoreline to 2 - 3!

Round 6

paper vs scissors
Achilles won round 6 with scissors up against paper.

Round 7

scissors vs paper
Round 7 went wrong for Achilles using an idiotic paper!

Round 8

rock vs paper
Achilles choose paper which beats rock! Tortoise has problems now.

Nice play. Achilles has taken it 5 - 3.

Game ended February 13th 2024 at 05:36 UTC