sty wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs lizard
What? Stop using lizard!
lizard vs rock
Sty has gone and won it! Rock takes down lizard. It's no longer all square.

Round 2

lizard vs spock
Round 2 taken by liz with a genius lizard! Sty is no longer ahead.

Round 3

lizard vs lizard
What's with the obsession with lizard.
lizard vs lizard
These people continue to picking lizard.
lizard vs rock
Round 3 went wrong for liz with an useless lizard! Liz has fallen behind!

Round 4

paper vs lizard
Liz flopped with paper against lizard! Sty is expanding their advantage!

Round 5

lizard vs lizard
These people continue to using lizard!
lizard vs scissors
Sty used scissors which is better than lizard.

Round 6

lizard vs rock
Round 6 belongs to sty with a brilliant rock. Sty is pulling away!

Excellent play. Sty has won it 5 - 1.

Game ended May 26th 2023 at 03:43 UTC