MR_Galaxy wins!

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Ladder Result

MR_Galaxy moved 8 places up to #44 and gained 100.00 points.
Marvin stayed at #14 and lost 50.00 points.

Round 1

rock vs lizard
Round 1 belongs to MR_Galaxy with a brilliant rock. 1 - 0 lead for MR_Galaxy.

Round 2

spock vs spock
MR_Galaxy and Marvin both threw spock!
lizard vs spock
Marvin missed with spock up against lizard. MR_Galaxy is expanding their advantage!

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Paper takes down scissors! Oh? scissors takes down paper! MR_Galaxy is expanding their lead.

Great play. MR_Galaxy has done it 3 - 0.

Game ended May 22nd 2023 at 20:40 UTC