Teacher Alex

Teacher wins!

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Round 1

paper vs rock
Teacher has done it! Paper defeats rock! 1 - 0 lead to Teacher !

Round 2

rock vs rock
Teacher and Alex each tried rock.
scissors vs paper
Teacher has only gone and won round 2! Scissors destroys paper. Teacher ups their advantage.

Round 3

paper vs spock
Teacher coasted through round 3 with paper up against spock! Teacher expands their lead!

Round 4

scissors vs rock
Scissors rips apart rock! Oh? rock defeats scissors. Teacher is giving up their advantage in this match.

Round 5

paper vs scissors
Paper wipes out scissors! Wait? scissors wipes out paper!

Round 6

paper vs paper
Everybody keeps choosing paper!
rock vs scissors
Round 6 conquered by Teacher against scissors. Alex has problems here!

Round 7

rock vs lizard
Round 7 lost by Alex with a pointless lizard!

5 - 2. That is it. It's finished!

Game ended September 23rd 2022 at 08:33 UTC