MasterPug wins!

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Round 1

spock vs spock
Everyone continues choosing spock!
lizard vs rock
Reuben picked lizard but failed to beat rock! MasterPug is now ahead!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Reuben has taken round 2! Scissors destroys paper. Reuben made it all square.

Round 3

scissors vs spock
MasterPug picked spock and that defeats scissors. MasterPug has put themselves in front!

Round 4

spock vs lizard
Round 4 went down the drain for Reuben with an useless spock. MasterPug adds to their advantage.

Round 5

lizard vs paper
MasterPug picked paper but couldn't beat lizard.

Round 6

lizard vs rock
MasterPug won round 6 with rock up against lizard.

Round 7

lizard vs lizard
What is with all the lizard!
lizard vs spock
Reuben coasted through round 7 with lizard against spock. Reuben is making it back into the fight.

Round 8

lizard vs scissors
MasterPug won round 8 with scissors up against lizard!

3 - 5. That is it. It's all over.

Game ended August 19th 2022 at 17:30 UTC