Blueberry wins!

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Round 1

rock vs rock
You people are always selecting rock!
scissors vs paper
Pretzel selected scissors which destroys paper!

Round 2

paper vs scissors
Round 2 belongs to Blueberry up against paper.

Round 3

rock vs rock
What's with all the rock.
paper vs paper
Paper? paper. So predictable!
scissors vs rock
Scissors rips apart rock! Wait? rock rips apart scissors.

Round 4

rock vs rock
You people keep picking rock.
paper vs scissors
Blueberry took round 4 with scissors versus paper!

Round 5

scissors vs paper
Blueberry picked paper but couldn't beat scissors. Pretzel reduced the score to 2 - 3.

Round 6

rock vs rock
What is with all the rock.
paper vs scissors
Round 6 taken by Blueberry using a genius scissors!

Round 7

scissors vs paper
Paper defeats scissors! No wait! Scissors rips apart paper.

Round 8

rock vs rock
Again? Stop picking rock!
rock vs paper
Blueberry coasted through round 8 with paper against rock.


Game ended June 23rd 2022 at 17:22 UTC