Achilles wins!

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Round 1

paper vs rock
Tortoise has only gone and won round 1! Paper takes down rock! Tortoise is currently ahead.

Round 2

rock vs rock
What's with all the rock.
scissors vs scissors
What's with the obsession with scissors.
paper vs paper
You people continue to trying paper.
rock vs paper
Achilles has won it! Paper destroys rock! Achilles tied up the matchup!

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
Zzzzzz. Scissors? .
paper vs rock
Tortoise choose paper and that is better than rock!

Round 4

rock vs rock
Zzzzzz. Rock? Seriously?.
scissors vs scissors
Zzzz. Scissors? Boring.
rock vs paper
Tortoise missed with rock against paper.

Round 5

paper vs scissors
Round 5 belongs to Achilles up against paper. Achilles has taken the lead!

Great matchup. Achilles has won 3 - 2.

Game ended November 25th 2021 at 14:04 UTC