Toy wins!

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Round 1

rock vs scissors
Scissors rips apart rock! Wait? rock beats scissors. The tied game has been broken by Toy.

Round 2

rock vs rock
Everybody keeps selecting rock.
paper vs paper
Zzzzzz. Paper? .
scissors vs rock
Toy threw scissors however couldn't beat rock. Pineapple equalized the match.

Round 3

rock vs rock
Toy and Pineapple both selected rock.
paper vs rock
Pineapple used rock however couldn't beat paper. Toy has put themselves in the lead!

Round 4

scissors vs paper
Toy won with scissors which is better than paper.

Round 5

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Once again!
paper vs scissors
Paper destroys scissors! Oh? scissors takes down paper. Toy is giving up their lead in this game.

Round 6

scissors vs paper
Toy succeeded in round 6 with scissors vs paper!

Round 7

rock vs scissors
Round 7 belongs to Toy using an effective rock! Pineapple is in big trouble here.

Excellent play. Toy has won 5 - 2!

Game ended October 28th 2021 at 06:12 UTC