Cory in the placeHAL

Cory in the place wins!

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Ladder Result

Cory in the place moved 1 place up to #14 and gained 100.00 points.
HAL moved 1 place down to #8 and lost 50.00 points.

Round 1

rock vs rock
Everyone keeps throwing rock!
rock vs rock
Everybody continues using rock!
paper vs scissors
Paper destroys scissors! No! Scissors takes down paper!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Cory in the place has only gone and taken round 2! Scissors destroys paper.

Round 3

paper vs paper
Paper? paper. So predictable!
rock vs rock
You people keep using rock.
rock vs rock
Rock? rock. So predictable.
scissors vs paper
Cory in the place coasted through round 3 with scissors versus paper. It's no longer tied.

Round 4

rock vs rock
You people continue to choosing rock!
paper vs rock
Cory in the place threw paper and that trumps rock.

3 - 1. That's it. It's done!

Game ended September 30th 2021 at 23:39 UTC