kağıt wins!

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Round 1

rock vs paper
Round 1 lost by taş using a ridiculous rock! The tied game has been broken by kağıt.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
These people are always picking scissors.
rock vs rock
Everyone is always picking rock!
rock vs paper
Round 2 won by kağıt against rock.

Round 3

rock vs scissors
Taş tried rock and that destroys scissors!

Round 4

rock vs rock
What is with all the rock.
rock vs paper
Kağıt has won it! Paper wipes out rock!

Round 5

rock vs scissors
Kağıt failed with scissors versus rock.

Round 6

rock vs paper
Taş failed with rock up against paper!

Round 7

rock vs rock
Taş and kağıt both picked rock.
scissors vs rock
Kağıt threw rock which defeats scissors!

Nice play. Kağıt has done it 5 - 2.

Game ended May 4th 2021 at 20:16 UTC