ProBoss wins!

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Round 1

paper vs paper
Everybody continues trying paper.
paper vs rock
Rock destroys paper! No wait! Paper beats rock. ProBoss has put themselves behind.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
These people are always using scissors.
rock vs rock
Zzz. Rock? .
scissors vs paper
Round 2 went wrong for ProBoss with an idiotic paper! ProBoss has problems now!

Round 3

rock vs paper
ProBoss has gone and taken round 3! Paper beats rock.

Round 4

rock vs rock
What is with all the rock!
scissors vs paper
Round 4 taken by GamesBoss using a genius scissors! ProBoss is in big trouble .

Round 5

paper vs scissors
Paper defeats scissors! No wait! Scissors defeats paper!

Round 6

scissors vs scissors
Again? Stop picking scissors!
paper vs paper
What is with all the paper.
scissors vs rock
GamesBoss tried scissors however fell flat against rock.

Round 7

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Pick something else!
paper vs paper
GamesBoss and ProBoss each used paper.
scissors vs paper
GamesBoss has gone and done it! Scissors wipes out paper!

Round 8

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. .
scissors vs rock
ProBoss took round 8 with rock vs scissors. ProBoss is right back in the match.

Round 9

rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? Pick something else!
scissors vs rock
Round 9 taken by ProBoss against scissors.


Game ended May 4th 2021 at 16:53 UTC