alperen2007cr wins!

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Round 1

paper vs lizard
Alperen2007cr picked lizard which beats paper.

Round 2

scissors vs spock
Round 2 belongs to alperen2007cr up against scissors!

Round 3

rock vs paper
Round 3 taken by alperen2007cr against rock. Alperen2007cr adds to their lead.

Round 4

lizard vs lizard
Everybody keeps picking lizard.
spock vs spock
Again? Stop using spock.
paper vs scissors
Alperen2007cr has taken round 4! Scissors rips apart paper!

Round 5

lizard vs lizard
Forza4141 and alperen2007cr both chose lizard.
scissors vs rock
Round 5 went wrong for Forza4141 with a ridiculous scissors.

Great matchup. Alperen2007cr has done it 5 - 0.

Game ended May 4th 2021 at 16:32 UTC