HALİL wins!

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Round 1

paper vs paper
Everyone keeps selecting paper!
scissors vs scissors
HALİL and ALPEREN each selected scissors.
scissors vs paper
HALİL has only gone and won it! Scissors beats paper! HALİL is now ahead.

Round 2

paper vs rock
HALİL has gone and won it! Paper defeats rock!

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
Everybody keeps trying scissors.
paper vs scissors
ALPEREN has won it! Scissors rips apart paper! ALPEREN is making it back into it!

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
You people continue to choosing scissors.
scissors vs scissors
Everybody continues choosing scissors!
scissors vs rock
HALİL missed with scissors vs rock. HALİL has lost their edge.

Round 5

rock vs scissors
HALİL choose rock which is better than scissors!

Great matchup. HALİL has done it 3 - 2.

Game ended April 19th 2021 at 05:55 UTC