The Great PapayaProskurtes

The Great Papaya wins!

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Round 1

paper vs scissors
Round 1 taken by Proskurtes using a brilliant scissors.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
The Great Papaya and Proskurtes each threw scissors.
rock vs scissors
Round 2 went down the drain for Proskurtes using a ridiculous scissors. The Great Papaya equalized the matchup!

Round 3

paper vs rock
Proskurtes failed with rock versus paper.

Round 4

rock vs paper
The Great Papaya flopped with rock vs paper! Proskurtes made it all square.

Round 5

paper vs rock
The Great Papaya has gone and done it! Paper takes down rock. The Great Papaya has put themselves in the lead!

Round 6

scissors vs scissors
You people are always trying scissors!
scissors vs paper
Proskurtes tried paper but lost to scissors. Proskurtes is in big trouble here!

Round 7

rock vs rock
Everybody is always using rock.
scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Pick something else.
rock vs rock
You people keep throwing rock.
paper vs paper
These people are always throwing paper.
rock vs scissors
Proskurtes failed with scissors vs rock. The Great Papaya is pulling away.

5 - 2. That's it. It's done!

Game ended April 8th 2021 at 10:54 UTC