Tortoise wins!

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Round 1

spock vs rock
Round 1 went wrong for Achilles using a ridiculous rock! It's no longer a draw.

Round 2

spock vs paper
Achilles has done it! Paper beats spock! Achilles equalized the match!

Round 3

spock vs scissors
Tortoise has gone and done it! Spock wipes out scissors!

Round 4

spock vs lizard
Achilles has only gone and done it! Lizard defeats spock. Achilles equalized the matchup.

Round 5

rock vs lizard
Tortoise has only gone and won it! Rock wipes out lizard! Tortoise is currently ahead.

3 - 2. That is it. It's done!

Game ended April 8th 2021 at 10:47 UTC