KirbySSM wins!

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Round 1

paper vs paper
What? Don't keep choosing paper!
scissors vs rock
Ssm7/ness has won round 1! Rock beats scissors! The tie has been broken by ssm7/ness!

Round 2

rock vs scissors
Round 2 won by KirbySSM versus scissors! It's all to play for now that the game is tied!

Round 3

paper vs rock
Round 3 belongs to KirbySSM vs rock! KirbySSM has put themselves ahead!

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. So predictable!
paper vs paper
You people are always using paper!
paper vs rock
Rock defeats paper! Wait? paper beats rock! KirbySSM ups their advantage.

3 - 1. That's it. It's over!

Game ended April 8th 2021 at 04:04 UTC