me wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs lizard
Lizard? lizard. .
spock vs lizard
Me lost with spock versus lizard! It's no longer all square.

Round 2

rock vs scissors
Me has gone and done it! Rock takes down scissors! Me is no longer in the lead.

Round 3

lizard vs paper
Round 3 went down the drain for me using an useless paper. Me has put themselves behind.

Round 4

scissors vs rock
Me used scissors but failed to beat rock. Me tied.

Round 5

lizard vs lizard
You people are always picking lizard.
spock vs spock
Everybody is always choosing spock!
lizard vs lizard
Again? Stop throwing lizard.
lizard vs spock
Spock takes down lizard! No! Lizard beats spock. Me has put themselves ahead!

Round 6

spock vs lizard
Me coasted through round 6 with lizard up against spock!

Round 7

rock vs lizard
Me succeeded in round 7 with rock vs lizard!

Round 8

rock vs lizard
Me won round 8 with rock versus lizard! Me expands their advantage!

5 - 3. That's it. It's over!

Game ended February 25th 2021 at 15:22 UTC