tugay wins!

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Round 1

paper vs paper
Zzz. Paper? Boring!
paper vs scissors
Tuana coasted through round 1 with scissors up against paper!

Round 2

paper vs rock
Rock takes down paper! Oh? paper wipes out rock.

Round 3

rock vs paper
Tugay chose rock however failed to beat paper! Tugay has put themselves behind!

Round 4

rock vs rock
You people keep using rock.
scissors vs scissors
Everybody keeps throwing scissors.
scissors vs paper
Tugay has won round 4! Scissors wipes out paper! Tuana has said goodbye to their lead.

Round 5

rock vs rock
Zzz. Rock? Pick something else.
paper vs rock
Round 5 went down the drain for tuana with an ineffective rock. Tuana has fallen behind.

3 - 2. That's it. It's all over!

Game ended February 23rd 2021 at 14:11 UTC