Küçük TospamMeyroo

Meyroo wins!

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Round 1

rock vs scissors
Round 1 won by Küçük Tospam vs scissors. The tie has been broken by Küçük Tospam.

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Meyroo lost with paper vs scissors.

Round 3

paper vs paper
Küçük Tospam and Meyroo each selected paper!
scissors vs rock
Round 3 went wrong for Küçük Tospam with a pointless scissors!

Round 4

rock vs scissors
Küçük Tospam took round 4 with rock versus scissors.

Round 5

scissors vs rock
Meyroo succeeded in round 5 with rock up against scissors. Meyroo reduces the edge to 3 - 2!

Round 6

paper vs scissors
Meyroo won round 6 with scissors versus paper. Meyroo made it all square!

Round 7

paper vs scissors
Round 7 lost by Küçük Tospam with an ineffective paper.

Round 8

rock vs paper
Küçük Tospam missed with rock up against paper!

3 - 5. That's it. It's all over.

Game ended December 5th 2020 at 02:38 UTC