Ukica wins!

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Round 1

paper vs rock
Ukica has won round 1! Paper destroys rock! Ukica is currently in front!

Round 2

scissors vs rock
Round 2 taken by Unja with a great rock. Ukica is no longer in the lead.

Round 3

rock vs rock
Ukica and Unja both picked rock.
scissors vs rock
Unja has only gone and taken round 3! Rock destroys scissors.

Round 4

paper vs paper
Zzzz. Paper? Seriously?!
rock vs rock
Zzzzzz. Rock? Boring.
paper vs scissors
Unja has only gone and won it! Scissors takes down paper.

Round 5

paper vs paper
You people keep using paper.
rock vs scissors
Ukica coasted through round 5 with rock up against scissors! Ukica reduces the score to 2 - 3.

Round 6

rock vs rock
These people continue to choosing rock.
scissors vs paper
Paper takes down scissors! Is that right? No! Scissors destroys paper! Ukica tied!

Round 7

paper vs rock
Round 7 went down the drain for Unja with a hopeless rock.

Round 8

rock vs rock
Ukica and Unja both selected rock!
scissors vs scissors
Zzzz. Scissors? Boring!
rock vs rock
Everyone continues using rock.
scissors vs paper
Round 8 lost by Unja using an useless paper!


Game ended November 21st 2020 at 21:45 UTC