chicken katsushort ribs

chicken katsu wins!

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Round 1

rock vs paper
Round 1 taken by short ribs with a genius paper.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Boooooring.
scissors vs scissors
You people are always choosing scissors!
rock vs scissors
Scissors rips apart rock! Oh? rock beats scissors. Short ribs is no longer ahead!

Round 3

rock vs paper
Short ribs has taken round 3! Paper wipes out rock.

Round 4

paper vs rock
Chicken katsu won round 4 with paper vs rock! Short ribs has said goodbye to their lead.

Round 5

rock vs scissors
Short ribs chose scissors however failed to beat rock! It's no longer tied.

Great play. Chicken katsu has won it 3 - 2!

Game ended October 30th 2020 at 01:14 UTC