jordan wins!

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Round 1

paper vs rock
Jordan succeeded in round 1 with paper versus rock. The tie has been broken by jordan.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
What's with the obsession with scissors!
scissors vs paper
Sommer tried paper but failed to beat scissors! Jordan is expanding their lead!

Round 3

scissors vs rock
Round 3 went wrong for jordan using an useless scissors!

Round 4

paper vs rock
Round 4 won by jordan versus rock!

Round 5

scissors vs scissors
What's with all the scissors.
rock vs paper
Jordan missed with rock up against paper. Jordan is giving up their edge in this match.

Round 6

scissors vs paper
Jordan has taken round 6! Scissors defeats paper. Jordan adds to their advantage.

Round 7

rock vs rock
What is with all the rock.
paper vs rock
Round 7 conquered by jordan with a well played paper! Jordan adds to their lead!


Game ended October 29th 2020 at 23:52 UTC