Emir wins!

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Round 1

paper vs rock
Emir selected paper and that destroys rock!

Round 2

rock vs paper
Özenmiş has gone and taken round 2! Paper wipes out rock. Özenmiş is right back in the match.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Özenmiş tried paper but lost to scissors! 2 - 1 lead to Emir.

Round 4

paper vs rock
Emir succeeded in round 4 with paper vs rock! Özenmiş has problems !

Round 5

rock vs scissors
Emir has only gone and won round 5! Rock beats scissors. Emir is pulling away!

Round 6

scissors vs paper
Emir won with scissors and that beats paper.

5 - 1. That's it. It's over!

Game ended October 25th 2020 at 15:24 UTC