Achilles wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Round 1 conquered by Achilles with a well played rock!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Round 2 went wrong for Achilles using a ridiculous paper! Tortoise is right back in the match.

Round 3

paper vs rock
Round 3 won by Tortoise against rock. Achilles has gone behind!

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
What is with the obsession with scissors!
rock vs paper
Tortoise selected rock however couldn't beat paper! Tortoise has lost their lead!

Round 5

paper vs rock
Tortoise used paper which is better than rock. 3 - 2 lead to Tortoise.

Round 6

paper vs scissors
Tortoise used paper but failed to beat scissors.

Round 7

scissors vs rock
Achilles has gone and won round 7! Rock defeats scissors!

Round 8

paper vs paper
Zzzzzz. Paper? Boooooring!
rock vs paper
Achilles has only gone and taken round 8! Paper wipes out rock. Achilles adds to their lead.

Nice match. Achilles has won it 5 - 3!

Game ended September 29th 2020 at 22:26 UTC