Adam round 2Yesi round 2

Yesi round 2 wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Round 1 taken by Yesi round 2 with a well played rock. 1 - 0 lead for Yesi round 2!

Round 2

rock vs paper
Yesi round 2 tried paper and that beats rock! Adam round 2 is in big trouble here!

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
What's with the obsession with scissors!
scissors vs rock
Yesi round 2 choose rock and that beats scissors. Adam round 2 is in big trouble here!

Round 4

rock vs rock
What's with all the rock!
paper vs scissors
Yesi round 2 picked scissors and that defeats paper.

Round 5

scissors vs paper
Adam round 2 has done it! Scissors rips apart paper.

Round 6

paper vs paper
What is with the obsession with paper.
scissors vs rock
Round 6 taken by Yesi round 2 up against scissors. Adam round 2 has problems !

Nice game. Yesi round 2 has won 5 - 1!

Game ended September 16th 2020 at 19:35 UTC