baranorospu deniz

baran wins!

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Round 1

rock vs rock
Baran and orospu deniz both tried rock!
scissors vs rock
Orospu deniz has gone and won it! Rock defeats scissors. Orospu deniz has put themselves in front!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Baran has gone and done it! Scissors destroys paper.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Baran took round 3 with scissors up against paper!

Round 4

rock vs paper
Orospu deniz has only gone and won round 4! Paper takes down rock!

Round 5

rock vs rock
What? Stop using rock!
rock vs rock
Why? Don't keep using rock.
rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? So predictable.
paper vs rock
Round 5 conquered by baran vs rock. It's no longer tied.

Round 6

scissors vs scissors
What's with the obsession with scissors!
paper vs rock
Rock defeats paper! No wait! Paper wipes out rock!

Round 7

rock vs rock
Zzzzzz. Rock? So predictable!
paper vs rock
Round 7 taken by baran versus rock.

5 - 2. That's it. It's finished.

Game ended September 16th 2020 at 18:42 UTC