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Player 1 wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs spock
Player 1 picked lizard which is better than spock. Player 1 is in the lead!

Round 2

lizard vs rock
Player 1 used lizard however lost to rock. Player 1 is no longer in the lead.

Round 3

rock vs scissors
Player 1 threw rock which defeats scissors. The tie has been broken by Player 1!

Round 4

spock vs paper
Player 2 has only gone and won round 4! Paper defeats spock.

Round 5

scissors vs lizard
Round 5 conquered by Player 1 with a brilliant scissors.

Round 6

paper vs rock
Player 1 won with paper and that defeats rock!

Round 7

rock vs spock
Player 2 selected spock which is better than rock!

Round 8

scissors vs rock
Round 8 won by Player 2 with an effective rock. Player 2 is right back in it!

Round 9

lizard vs lizard
What is with the obsession with lizard!
paper vs rock
Rock destroys paper! Oh? paper takes down rock. Player 2 has gone behind.


Game ended September 16th 2020 at 07:57 UTC