Kağan sikiciXxxbaldızdomaltanDogusxxx

Kağan sikici wins!

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Round 1

spock vs spock
Kağan sikici and XxxbaldızdomaltanDogusxxx each chose spock.
lizard vs lizard
Kağan sikici and XxxbaldızdomaltanDogusxxx both selected lizard!
paper vs paper
Really? Don't keep picking paper!
scissors vs rock
XxxbaldızdomaltanDogusxxx took round 1 with rock against scissors. Kağan sikici has put themselves behind.

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Paper beats scissors! No wait! Scissors defeats paper.

Round 3

paper vs scissors
Kağan sikici picked paper but lost to scissors!

Round 4

rock vs rock
Really? Don't keep using rock.
scissors vs paper
Paper defeats scissors! No wait! Scissors wipes out paper.

Round 5

scissors vs scissors
What is with the obsession with scissors.
paper vs rock
Rock destroys paper! Is that right? No! Paper wipes out rock! Kağan sikici is now ahead!

Round 6

paper vs scissors
XxxbaldızdomaltanDogusxxx choose scissors and that beats paper.

Round 7

scissors vs paper
Round 7 taken by Kağan sikici with a great scissors. 4 - 3 lead to Kağan sikici.

Round 8

rock vs rock
Everyone keeps choosing rock!
scissors vs paper
Paper rips apart scissors! Is that right? No! Scissors destroys paper.

5 - 3. That's it. It's over.

Game ended June 30th 2020 at 18:31 UTC