Marvin wins!

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Ladder Result

Pantokrator moved 4 places down to #60 and lost 29.21 points.
Marvin moved 6 places up to #54 and gained 58.43 points.

Round 1

paper vs paper
These people are always choosing paper!
rock vs rock
Zzzzzz. Rock? Boooooring.
paper vs paper
What is with all the paper!
scissors vs paper
Marvin flopped with paper vs scissors. Marvin has said goodbye to their advantage.

Round 2

paper vs scissors
Round 2 belongs to Marvin with a genius scissors. Pantokrator has fallen behind!

Round 3

rock vs rock
What's with all the rock!
scissors vs rock
Scissors destroys rock! Is that right? No! Rock takes down scissors! Marvin has put themselves in the lead.

Round 4

scissors vs paper
Paper wipes out scissors! Oh? scissors rips apart paper.

Round 5

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Boring!
paper vs scissors
Paper rips apart scissors! Wait? scissors rips apart paper.

Great set. Marvin has won 3 - 2!

Game ended May 14th 2020 at 01:26 UTC