BARIŞ wins!

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Round 1

paper vs paper
BARIŞ and BULUT each chose paper!
scissors vs rock
Round 1 went down the drain for BARIŞ using an ineffective scissors. BULUT has put themselves in the lead!

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. So predictable.
scissors vs paper
Paper defeats scissors! Oh? scissors takes down paper!

Round 3

paper vs paper
Zzzz. Paper? So predictable!
rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? Pick something else.
rock vs scissors
Round 3 went down the drain for BULUT using a hopeless scissors. 2 - 1 lead for BARIŞ!

Round 4

paper vs rock
BARIŞ has only gone and won it! Paper rips apart rock! BULUT has problems now!

Round 5

paper vs scissors
Round 5 conquered by BULUT versus paper. BULUT is making it back into the game!

Round 6

paper vs rock
Round 6 won by BARIŞ with an effective paper.

Round 7

rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? Boring.
paper vs scissors
BULUT selected scissors and that trumps paper! BULUT is making it back into the fight.

Round 8

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Seriously?!
rock vs scissors
Round 8 taken by BARIŞ using a genius rock. BULUT has problems here.


Game ended March 26th 2020 at 17:29 UTC