Covocococo wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs paper
Round 1 taken by Covocococo up against paper! 1 - 0 lead for Covocococo!

Round 2

spock vs spock
What is with the obsession with spock!
spock vs rock
Covocococo has gone and done it! Spock defeats rock! Covocococo adds to their advantage.

Round 3

spock vs scissors
Covocococo has gone and won round 3! Spock rips apart scissors!

Round 4

lizard vs paper
Round 4 lost by Ezezez using a ridiculous paper!

Round 5

spock vs spock
What's with all the spock!
lizard vs rock
Round 5 went wrong for Covocococo with a hopeless lizard. Covocococo is losing their lead !

Round 6

spock vs paper
Ezezez picked paper and that beats spock! Ezezez reduced the scoreline to 4 - 2!

Round 7

lizard vs spock
Covocococo coasted through round 7 with lizard against spock!

Nice match. Covocococo has done it 5 - 2!

Game ended January 22nd 2020 at 11:21 UTC