Muhammet wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Scissors destroys rock! Oh? rock rips apart scissors!

Round 2

rock vs scissors
Round 2 conquered by Muhammet using an effective rock. Muhammet tied!

Round 3

paper vs scissors
Yaser has only gone and taken round 3! Scissors defeats paper! 2 - 1 lead for Yaser!

Round 4

rock vs paper
Yaser has gone and done it! Paper takes down rock!

Round 5

rock vs rock
Muhammet and Yaser both threw rock.
paper vs scissors
Yaser has taken round 5! Scissors beats paper. Yaser expands their advantage!

Round 6

scissors vs paper
Muhammet threw scissors and that is better than paper. Muhammet is getting back into the fight.

Round 7

paper vs paper
These people continue to choosing paper.
rock vs rock
Muhammet and Yaser each picked rock!
scissors vs paper
Muhammet has gone and taken round 7! Scissors wipes out paper! Yaser is giving up their edge in this match!

Round 8

scissors vs paper
Yaser threw paper but lost to scissors.

Round 9

paper vs rock
Round 9 conquered by Muhammet versus rock! The tied game has been broken by Muhammet.


Game ended January 21st 2020 at 18:45 UTC