MrBr0wnStar Red_zento

MrBr0wnStar wins!

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Round 1

rock vs paper
Round 1 went wrong for MrBr0wnStar with an useless rock!

Round 2

rock vs scissors
Round 2 went down the drain for Red_zento using a hopeless scissors.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Round 3 conquered by MrBr0wnStar using a well played scissors! Red_zento has put themselves behind!

Round 4

paper vs rock
MrBr0wnStar has only gone and taken round 4! Paper wipes out rock! MrBr0wnStar is expanding their advantage.

3 - 1. That's it. It's all over!

Game ended December 25th 2019 at 23:13 UTC