sergio ssari g

ari g wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Round 1 taken by ari g with a great rock.

Round 2

paper vs paper
Really? Stop selecting paper!
paper vs paper
You people keep choosing paper.
paper vs rock
Sergio ss has taken round 2! Paper beats rock!

Round 3

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Pick something else!
rock vs scissors
Sergio ss has only gone and done it! Rock beats scissors. It's no longer a draw.

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
You people continue to picking scissors!
paper vs scissors
Ari g has won round 4! Scissors destroys paper.

Round 5

rock vs paper
Ari g has won round 5! Paper defeats rock!

Good game. Ari g has taken it 3 - 2.

Game ended November 9th 2019 at 02:41 UTC