SkaitojukuMaldo Kun

Skaitojuku wins!

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Round 1

rock vs scissors
Maldo Kun chose scissors but fell flat against rock. Skaitojuku has taken the lead!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Round 2 went down the drain for Maldo Kun using an idiotic paper. Maldo Kun is in big trouble .

Round 3

scissors vs rock
Maldo Kun has gone and won it! Rock destroys scissors!

Round 4

rock vs rock
What is with the obsession with rock.
paper vs paper
Everyone is always trying paper.
rock vs rock
Seriously? Stop selecting rock!
paper vs scissors
Paper rips apart scissors! Is that right? No! Scissors wipes out paper!

Round 5

scissors vs rock
Maldo Kun succeeded in round 5 with rock vs scissors! 3 - 2 lead to Maldo Kun.

Round 6

paper vs paper
These people are always choosing paper!
paper vs rock
Rock wipes out paper! Is that right? No! Paper rips apart rock.

Round 7

rock vs rock
Skaitojuku and Maldo Kun each selected rock!
scissors vs paper
Skaitojuku won with scissors and that defeats paper!

Round 8

rock vs paper
Skaitojuku used rock however failed to beat paper. Maldo Kun made it all square!

Round 9

rock vs scissors
Scissors rips apart rock! Oh? rock takes down scissors!

5 - 4. That is it. It's finished!

Game ended October 10th 2019 at 23:39 UTC