Isasnoes wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs scissors
Everybody is always choosing scissors.
scissors vs scissors
Zzzz. Scissors? So predictable!
rock vs rock
What is with the obsession with rock!
paper vs paper
Yasink42 and Isasnoes each used paper!
scissors vs rock
Isasnoes used rock and that defeats scissors. Isasnoes has put themselves in the lead!

Round 2

scissors vs rock
Yasink42 threw scissors however lost to rock. Yasink42 is in big trouble now!

Round 3

paper vs rock
Round 3 went wrong for Isasnoes using an idiotic rock. Yasink42 is making it back into the fight!

Round 4

rock vs paper
Isasnoes picked paper which is better than rock! Isasnoes ups their advantage.

Great set. Isasnoes has taken it 3 - 1!

Game ended September 11th 2019 at 19:02 UTC