Kuzeyyagız kaç cm

yagız kaç cm wins!

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Round 1

spock vs lizard
Round 1 went wrong for Kuzey using a pointless spock.

Round 2

rock vs spock
Yagız kaç cm has taken round 2! Spock defeats rock!

Round 3

lizard vs lizard
What? Stop picking lizard.
lizard vs lizard
Kuzey and yagız kaç cm both tried lizard!
paper vs rock
Kuzey threw paper which beats rock!

Round 4

lizard vs lizard
Everybody continues using lizard.
lizard vs rock
Kuzey failed with lizard versus rock. Yagız kaç cm ups their lead.

Round 5

paper vs spock
Kuzey has gone and done it! Paper beats spock!

Round 6

paper vs paper
Why? Don't keep choosing paper.
lizard vs lizard
Kuzey and yagız kaç cm each tried lizard.
scissors vs scissors
These people keep throwing scissors!
paper vs spock
Round 6 taken by Kuzey vs spock!

Round 7

lizard vs rock
Round 7 taken by yagız kaç cm using a great rock! Kuzey has fallen behind.

Round 8

scissors vs lizard
Yagız kaç cm failed with lizard versus scissors. Kuzey equalize.

Round 9

paper vs paper
These people continue to trying paper.
rock vs spock
Yagız kaç cm tried spock which destroys rock!


Game ended July 18th 2019 at 20:55 UTC