Ass wins!

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Round 1

rock vs rock
Ass and Hole each selected rock!
scissors vs rock
Round 1 belongs to Hole using a genius rock.

Round 2

paper vs rock
Round 2 conquered by Ass versus rock! Ass is right back in fight.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Round 3 taken by Ass versus paper! Ass has taken the lead.

Round 4

paper vs paper
These people are always picking paper!
rock vs rock
Really? Stop trying rock.
rock vs paper
Rock takes down paper! Wait? paper rips apart rock! It's all to play for now !

Round 5

rock vs scissors
Ass has won round 5! Rock rips apart scissors.

Great game. Ass has won it 3 - 2!

Game ended July 12th 2019 at 13:58 UTC