Oliver the dogWintermute

Oliver the dog wins!

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Ladder Result

Oliver the dog moved 6169 places up to #946 and gained 100.00 points.
Wintermute moved 127 places down to #388 and lost 50.00 points.

Round 1

rock vs rock
You people are always using rock!
scissors vs rock
Wintermute succeeded in round 1 with rock versus scissors.

Round 2

paper vs scissors
Paper beats scissors! Oh? scissors destroys paper!

Round 3

rock vs scissors
Round 3 conquered by Oliver the dog against scissors.

Round 4

scissors vs paper
Round 4 lost by Wintermute using a ridiculous paper. Oliver the dog tied.

Round 5

paper vs paper
Zzzzzz. Paper? Seriously?!
rock vs rock
Oliver the dog and Wintermute each chose rock.
scissors vs paper
Wintermute selected paper but lost to scissors. Oliver the dog has taken the lead!

Nice match. Oliver the dog has won it 3 - 2!

Game ended June 12th 2019 at 19:09 UTC