Achilles wins!

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Round 1

paper vs scissors
Naughty lost with paper versus scissors!

Round 2

rock vs paper
Achilles won with paper and that is better than rock!

Round 3

paper vs rock
Naughty has only gone and won it! Paper takes down rock. Naughty is getting back into the game.

Round 4

scissors vs paper
Round 4 went down the drain for Achilles with a hopeless paper. Achilles is no longer in front.

Round 5

paper vs paper
Again? Stop using paper!
rock vs rock
What is with all the rock!
scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Pick something else!
rock vs paper
Achilles has gone and done it! Paper wipes out rock. Achilles is currently in front!

2 - 3. That's it. It's done!

Game ended May 24th 2019 at 11:54 UTC