jens wins!

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Round 1

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. !
rock vs paper
Kondern threw rock however failed to beat paper!

Round 2

paper vs scissors
Kondern missed with paper vs scissors. Kondern has problems !

Round 3

rock vs rock
These people are always throwing rock.
rock vs rock
Really? Stop picking rock!
rock vs paper
Round 3 conquered by jens vs rock. Jens ups their advantage.

Round 4

paper vs scissors
Round 4 went down the drain for kondern using an useless paper!

Round 5

scissors vs rock
Jens succeeded in round 5 with rock versus scissors! Jens expands their lead.

Excellent game. Jens has taken it 5 - 0.

Game ended March 15th 2019 at 11:00 UTC