Krishna MadalaBarnabus

Barnabus wins!

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Round 1

spock vs lizard
Barnabus has gone and won round 1! Lizard rips apart spock!

Round 2

spock vs scissors
Barnabus missed with scissors versus spock. It's all to play for now that it's all square.

Round 3

rock vs rock
Again? Don't keep trying rock!
rock vs spock
Barnabus coasted through round 3 with spock against rock! Krishna Madala has gone behind.

Round 4

spock vs lizard
Barnabus has taken round 4! Lizard defeats spock.

Round 5

scissors vs scissors
Everybody continues picking scissors!
paper vs paper
These people continue to selecting paper.
lizard vs spock
Krishna Madala threw lizard and that trumps spock.

Round 6

lizard vs rock
Round 6 conquered by Barnabus vs lizard!

Round 7

lizard vs scissors
Barnabus has won round 7! Scissors wipes out lizard. Krishna Madala has problems now!

Great game. Barnabus has done it 5 - 2.

Game ended February 23rd 2019 at 01:08 UTC