Hunter wins!

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Round 1

rock vs paper
Round 1 belongs to Hunter against rock!

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Round 2 conquered by Xake versus paper! Xake is right back in the game!

Round 3

paper vs paper
Zzzz. Paper? Boooooring!
scissors vs rock
Hunter tried rock and that is better than scissors.

Round 4

paper vs rock
Hunter threw rock but couldn't beat paper. Xake is right back in it.

Round 5

paper vs rock
Rock wipes out paper! No wait! Paper rips apart rock. Xake has taken the lead!

Round 6

paper vs rock
Round 6 went wrong for Hunter using a pointless rock!

Round 7

rock vs rock
Zzzz. Rock? Seriously?!
paper vs scissors
Hunter took round 7 with scissors against paper!

Round 8

rock vs paper
Hunter has gone and done it! Paper wipes out rock! Hunter is right back in the matchup!

Round 9

rock vs rock
Everyone is always using rock.
rock vs rock
These people continue to choosing rock.
paper vs scissors
Xake failed with paper versus scissors.

Nice matchup. Hunter has taken it 5 - 4!

Game ended February 12th 2019 at 03:18 UTC